Spit-Roasted Prime Rib


L and I decided to host Christmas Eve dinner in the new house, and Mom came to town for a few days. I was feeling ambitious, and decided to attempt my first standing rib roast. The roast was more than a delicious piece of prime rib. It is my Dad’s Christmas Eve signature dish, and I wanted to build on the family tradition. After exhaustive research on preparation, I decided to take the manly approach and cook the roast on the rotisserie out on the gas grill. Recipe credit goes to Steven Raichlen. To round out the menu, we decided to make a potato gratin and brussels sprouts tossed in caraway mustard butter. Recipe credit for both dishes goes to Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

It was no warmer than 15 degrees outside, but the rotisserie handled the task well. The roast was tender, nicely crusted on the top and ends thanks to the rosemary-garlic rub, and nicely pink on the inside. More importantly, my wife, mother and in-laws loved it. Turned out to be one of the top five meals I’ve ever cooked.

But my holidays were just beginning. I still needed to take a post-Christmas trip to NC for family business with D & D and sis. Then I need to make a trip to the coast to visit my Uncle.

Overscheduled again. Holiday stress can eat me alive, I think due to being a child of divorce. Pressure to see two families, and in two different locations as well. Then add the in-laws to the mix.

How would I survive?

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